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Do you wish you had expert knowledge of the secrets of personality type? 

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Begin to feel fruitful supporting people around you by using and practising the knowledge of the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS

What is this course about?

In this course, you will get a deep insight into the history of Islamic medicine (Unani Tibb). You will learn everything about the four temperaments of air, fire, earth and water. The videos and useful resources will equip you with the right skills and understanding to help you to start making a great impact on your life and the life of others around you.

Why Learning the Four Temperaments is SO IMPORTANT

I had a very hard time dealing with my three little daughters when they were at Kindergarten age.

They were just so different from each other. I needed to find a method to raise them according to their different characteristics. I had briefly studied the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS during my Psychology course at the University, but this just wasn’t enough. 

On the other side, I had to deal with the challenges in my marriage. My husband had a different cultural background to me. He was raised in an Islamic environment while I was raised without a religion and reverted to Islam shortly before I got married. This is what made our relationship special and unique, but difficult at the same time. 

I am usually a person who loves challenges and yearns to always succeed in every area of my life, in everything I do. But at that time, I really struggled. You can imagine how overwhelmed I was and how exhausted I felt when my daughters were just 2, 3 and 4 years old. I was all over the place, I had no skills or experience as a mother or wife.

But inside myself, I knew I will find a way. Because I always found a way!

As positive as I was, I read a lot. Book by book, article by article. I talked to people who faced similar difficulties, however they couldn’t help themselves either. By educating myself (also known today as self-development lol)  I came across the 4 temperaments again, alhamdullilah. What a blessing!!!

A Great Medicine of the Prophet

I found out that the concept of the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS were even linked to the “Prophetic Medicine,” a subject I was interested in at that time. Now I had more reasons to dig deep into it and try the concept and ideas of the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS for myself.

I can say, it’s a journey. If you are on that journey, you will see that this journey never really ends. The knowledge of the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS is so fascinating, especially as the Prophet sas was also aware of all the wisdom behind it too. In Ibn Qayim´s Book “Prophetic Medicine” you see the evidence that the knowledge of the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS were widely used in the Muslim world, alhamdullilah.

The Amazing Benefits of Applying it to your Daily Life

When you apply it in your daily life, it’s so exciting, alhamdullilah. It’s also funny sometimes.  You will have so many “Aha” moments. The behaviour of your family and friends makes so much sense all of a sudden, as you begin to see them from the perspective of the four temperaments, in scha Allah.

Everything that I have learnt about regarding the FOUR TEMPERAMENTS has made my life much easier, alhamdullilah.

I have developed my skills so much that I can now detect a temperament even without actually seeing the person. From simply speaking to them over the phone or observing their movement, I can tell what type of temperament they have and what the best way to approach them would be. That’s the result of practising this great wisdom in our lives. 

 A Unique and Better Way to Understand People

The knowledge of the four temperaments is also very beneficial for me to quickly understand the patients in my clinic. There is also a strong link between diseases and illnesses to the type of temperaments that people have. 

We can only benefit more from each other when we know the strengths, habits and talents in each person. It is also a gift to know about each other’s weaknesses, so that we wouldn’t challenge the person too much in a certain area where they do not feel comfortable in.

As a boss manager of a company, you could use this powerful knowledge to determine what type of temperaments your employees have and discover what they are good at and what tasks they would love doing. 

As a mother, knowing about the temperaments can open tremendous possibilities for you as you are not bothered or annoyed because of the “difficult” behavior of your child. You will know that’s a part of their personality and you wouldn’t lose your energy to change that. Instead you will look at the positive sides of your child, the strengths and god-given skills he or she has.  You will begin to appreciate your child more.

The same applies for couples, siblings, parents and in-law relationships. We will always succeed if we can understand the behaviour of people better and know WHY they behave the way that they do, and WHY they say the things that they say, and WHY they think the way that they think. 

Everything has reasons; reasons you can learn about when you study the concept of THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS.


What's included?

20 Videos
15 Quizzes
3 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Presentations

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I have found the course to be highly informative and well structured. I liked that each of the tempermants was explained separately. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn about the four temperaments. It’s great to ...

Dip.Ped., Dip.HCT, NAET, PSE, SI Coach

About the instructor

Carina El-Behouti is the owner of a Naturopathic Clinic and has over 20 years knowledge and experience in holistic health and energy medicine. She is a qualified Advanced NAET Practitioner and a Psychosomatic Energetic Therapist.  She received her diploma in Pedagogy and Psychology from the University of Neubrandenburg in Germany and also has qualifications in reflexology, nutrition counselling, herbalism, massage therapy and cupping therapy. She has also been trained in Positive Psychology, Temperament Counseling and Strategic Intervention Coaching.

Carina finds meaning in helping others alleviate their ailments and in coaching them to prevent ill health and misfortune in life. She now wishes to offer her knowledge and experience helping students at ASMU Academy For Muslimahs to live a healthier and happier life whilst being able to be more actively involved in her Muslim Community.